CUBELIN by Gabi Becker
CUBELIN No. 23 Flowers is sold

CUBELIN No. 23 Flowers is sold

2600 EUR

This CUBELIN is a collage of handembroidered 20th century tapestries and seamed up with neon orange leather piping. Artist G. Becker collects the needleworks from all over the world and restores them carefully. Here she has used the following motifs:

  1. "Flower still life with butterfly" after J.F. van Dael, stitched 1972, from Antwerp
  2. "Flowers in blue vase" after Jan Bruegel, stitched 1967, collector from Leipzig
  3. "Still life with flowers after J.F. van Dael, stitched 1975, antiquemarket in Reading/London
  4. "Flowers in a basket" unknown, stitched 1973, from private in Pinneberg, Germany
  5. "Vase de flores" after P.Brueghel, stitched 1969, heirloom in Xanten, Germany
  6. "Flower bouquet" after J. Breughel, stitched 1978, antiquemarket at island Sylt, Germany

Product details:

  • six hand-embroidered tapestries, individually trimmed with leather piping
  • full-color inner bag made of cotton with matching zippers
  • filling with anti-allergic quality - EPS - microbeads, refillable
  • protective bag of cotton fabric with Cubelin - Logo
  • partial dry cleanable, no wet cleaning
  • each unique piece has a certificate
  • dimensions 66 x 56 x 46 cm